Ana Nuno

Interdisciplinary Conservation Researcher & Consultant



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Editorials and correspondence

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Selected presentations

Invited oral presentation Engaging communities in marine conservation, 3rd Marine Conservation Network meeting, University of Exeter, UK (26 July 2017)

Socio-economic aspects of turtle conservation in the Cayman Islands – Key findings (Presentation to multiple stakeholder groups and decision makers, Cayman Islands, October 2015)

Managing social-ecological systems under uncertainty: a multidisciplinary approach (University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, December 2014)

Oral presentation Monitoring under uncertainty for informed management decisions at the 9th TAWIRI (Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute) conference (Arusha, Tanzania, December 2013)

Oral presentation Monitoring under uncertainty for informed management decisions about poaching in the Serengeti at the Congress of the International Union of Game Biologists (Brussels, Belgium, August 2013)

Invited oral presentation Applying novel approaches to assess illegal bushmeat hunting in the Serengeti at the International Congress for Conservation Biology (Baltimore, USA, July 2013)

Invited oral presentation Application of novel approaches to assess sensitive behaviours in conservation at the European Congress of Conservation Biology (Glasgow, Scotland, August 2012)

Invited oral presentation Application of novel approaches to assess sensitive behaviours at the International Conference on Hunting for Sustainability: ecology, economics and society (Ciudad Real, Spain, March 2012)

Poster Matching observations and reality: the effects of observation error on monitoring of an harvested antelope community in the Serengeti, Tanzania at the Symposium "Antelope conservation in the 21st century: from diagnosis to action" (London, UK, November 2011)

Speed oral presentation Conservation of natural resources under uncertainty: bushmeat hunting in the Serengeti at ACES - Conservation Conflicts: strategies for coping with a changing world (Aberdeen, Scotland, August 2011)

Poster Management under uncertainty: illegal bushmeat hunting in the Serengeti, Tanzania at the 12th Student Conference on Conservation Science (Cambridge, UK, March 2011)

Poster Novel approaches to measure illegal behaviour: hunting in the Serengeti at the International Congress for Conservation Biology (Edmonton, Canada, July 2010). Poster published online by F1000

Poster Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Attitudes towards carnivores at the 10th Student Conference on Conservation Science (Cambridge, UK, March 2009). Awarded 3rd best poster prize

Books, book chapters, reports and theses

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